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How to Drive Safely in a Wisconsin Winter

Know these safe winter driving tips if you drive in Wisconsin

Snow, sleet, ice, wind — Wisconsin winters have it all, and drivers need to be alert. For new residents, and even long-time ones who have gotten complacent about their driving skills, safety is of the utmost importance. Both your actions on the road and how you take care of your car can make a huge difference.

Winter Road Safety

Slow down — it’s possibly the best thing you can do if you have to drive on snowy or wet roads. The saying about how a speed limit is a limit and not a minimum is extra true here, and you have to keep in mind that speed is calculated for good conditions. Do not exceed the speed limit, and slow down even more. You must be able to maintain control of the car, and the faster you go, the more likely it is you’ll be unable to stop or turn when you really need to.

Ensure your car has supplies for winter, ranging from basic ice scrapers and blankets to emergency food and water. Also have some sand that you can sprinkle around tires if you get stuck in ice or snow and can’t gain traction. A battery pack that can recharge your phone is also a good idea. And most of all, get the car serviced and winterized before storms start up.

Preparing to Drive

Ensure all snow and ice have been cleared off the car before you start driving. You need all of the windshield and windows to be clear, and you want everything off the roof of the car so that nothing slips down into your line of vision while driving. And you don’t want bits of snow and ice flying off into traffic; that’s dangerous for other drivers.

If you’ve been in a car accident during winter weather, contact Eisenberg Law Offices at (608) 256-8356. You want appropriate compensation for injuries and damage, and an attorney can help make the process easier.