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beach injuries

How to Respond to Vacation Injuries

If you’ve suffered injuries on vacation, take these steps

Going on vacation should give you time to relax and recuperate from the stress of work and home life. Whether you get into an accident on the road or where you are staying, an injury frustrates your entire trip. If you have been injured away from home, make sure you take steps to protect your claim.

Get Pictures

Any time an accident leaves you injured, you should take notes and get pictures from the accident scene. If you are away on vacation, it becomes even more important. After all, you can’t just return to the scene on the way home from work. Take pictures of everything you can: the place you were injured, anything you see that helped lead to your accident, and any property damage or injuries you suffer. Take notes as well, making sure you don’t depend on your memory for anything. The longer removed from the accident you get, the harder it becomes to remember all of the details. 

See a Doctor

Don’t wait until you get back home just so you can see your usual family doctor. Get to a hospital as soon after the accident as possible to get an evaluation. You may have suffered injuries you don’t feel in the moment, and the sooner someone diagnoses them, the more quickly you can get the treatment you need. Beyond this, understanding the extent of your injuries is critical to preparing a legal case and recovering damages for those injuries.

Contact a Lawyer

As soon as you can, get in touch with a lawyer you can trust. If you live in or around Madison, Wisconsin, Eisenberg Law Offices has attorneys with the personal injury experience you need. We will help you prepare your case and understand your legal rights for injuries that occur near or far. Contact us today, online or at (608)256-8356 to learn more.