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wisconsin motorcycle accident

Hurt in a motorcycle accident and they claim they never saw you?

Contact a motorcycle accident injury attorney to protect your rights

An accident in which a car hits a motorcycle can be devastating for both parties involved. It can also become complicated when the driver of the car claims he or she didn’t see the motorcycle and thus couldn’t avoid the accident. It is possible to determine in court who is really at fault in the accident and whether the driver’s claims are accurate.

A car-versus-motorcycle accident is a classic type of personal injury scenario. The court and your lawyers have to determine not only who was at fault, but whether there was negligence involved or if the accident really was unavoidable and that no one was at fault. It diverges from the classic case in that vehicle size and speed — not to mention behavior — plays a much greater role in fault.

For example, if you, as the motorcyclist, were weaving in and out of lanes and trying to “split” lanes (lane splitting is a maneuver in which the motorcycle travels between cars in two lanes, instead of behind a car in one lane), it’s very possible the car driver didn’t see you when they tried to move over a lane. You and your lawyer would have to prove that they did see you and that they were not driving recklessly themselves.

However, if you, as the motorcyclist, were in one spot in one lane and were sideswiped by a car moving over, it might be easier to prove that the car driver did see you as you hadn’t made any unexpected moves and were not hidden behind other cars. Visibility is crucial in a motorcycle-accident case; if the driver can prove you were not really visible, you could lose your case.

If you were hit by a car, and now the driver claims he didn’t see you, call Eisenberg Law Offices at 608-256-8356. This is a complicated case, and you need excellent legal representation who can help you get the compensation you need.