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If Someone Says I Committed Sexual Assault, Will I Be Charged?

Accused of Sexual Assault? Talk to an attorney before you face criminal charges

Sexual assault is a serious charge that no one should ignore. The #MeToo movement has worked to increase the visibility of sexual assault in the national spotlight. This has led some people to wonder if they could be charged with sexual assault simply because someone accused them of it. The answer is, not always — but it’s not something to shrug off.

Many assault cases have no witnesses, and law enforcement agencies recognize that they need to investigate accusations and not immediately dismiss them. So if someone has accused you of sexual assault, be prepared for questioning and an investigation. How extensive that investigation might be depends on each case. For example, an investigation, after someone who accuses you of assault in Madison on a day when you can prove you were not in that city, may not last very long and may not make it to court. But an investigation into whether or not you assaulted someone you were actually with on that day may take longer and could very well end up in court.

Police need evidence to charge you with sexual assault, and in Wisconsin, the accusation is actually considered evidence. Court is where both parties would present evidence to back up or refute the assault claim.

For that reason, you have to contact a lawyer if you are accused of sexual assault, even if you can easily prove that it’s a false claim. Don’t assume that it will all work out in your favor because one oddly worded statement can be enough to make people think you’re guilty. You need a lawyer to help you handle the case successfully.

Contact Eisenberg Law Offices if you’ve been accused of sexual assault. Don’t talk with the police. With good legal representation, you have a better chance of having false claims dismissed.