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slip and fall accidents

Avoiding Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Icy Conditions

In Madison, WI, follow these tips to avoid slip and fall injuries

With the weather turning colder and ice and snow beginning to fall in much of the northern half of the country, it’s time to review how to stay safe in slippery conditions. Falls can be devastating; even a minor fall can result in bruises and curtailed activity, at least temporarily. Residents of Madison won’t be able to avoid snow and ice, so here are ways to reduce the risk of a hard landing.

  • Go slowly! Rushing somewhere can make you less attentive to where your feet are placed. Even if you are in a hurry, walk at a reasonable pace that allows you to keep an eye on the ground and on your balance.
  • Wear shoes with slip-resistant soles, and use ice traction cleats. Get shoes with soles that have excellent traction and that are made specifically to be slip-resistant; you can also buy traction cleats attached to a band that fits around your shoe. Adhesive patches that have grippy sides are a quick fix but often don’t last that long, so they’re not an optimal choice.
  • Watch where you are walking, and test questionable areas. Slowly testing a patch of ground with your toe can save you a lot of worry. And avoid talking or texting on your phone while walking. Don’t distract yourself from monitoring your steps.
  • Hold onto handrails, sides of buildings, fences, and anything else that can help keep you upright.
  • Don’t let your guard down when you enter a building. The flooring by the entrance may be wet and thus slippery enough to make you fall.
  • Keep your hands as free as possible. Don’t shove them in your pockets as you walk, and don’t carry heavy or bulky items that could throw you off balance.

If you do slip and fall, it may not be your fault, especially if you take every action possible to avoid falling. Speak with a lawyer at Eisenberg Law Offices regarding your fall and whether you need to go to court to receive proper compensation.