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Legal Protection for Dog Bite Injuries

If you’ve suffered a dog bite in Madison, WI, protect your legal rights!

You may think of dogs as friendly, helpful animals–and indeed, most are. Still, a dog that feels threatened or is trying to protect itself or others can be dangerous. In the first four months in 2017, Madison and Dane County authorities responded to over 100 reported animal bites, most of which came from dogs. While most of these do not result in injuries, many do. If you have been injured, you should be prepared to protect your rights.

  1. Document Injuries: As soon as possible after you are bitten, you should take pictures of any injuries you have sustained. This includes not only physical injuries, but also damage to clothing, property, and anything else that was part of the attack. These will heal at least somewhat by the time you see a courtroom, and seeing those injuries can have an impact on a jury.
  2. Document Treatment: In addition, any medical treatment you have should be documented and available. The cost of your care will be part of any damages award. The time you spend getting treatment can also weigh in when determining the true cost of the injuries you sustain.
  3. File a Report: An official record of a dog attack is critical. It can help demonstrate a pattern of behavior if the dog has injured or attacked others. It also helps show that the attack was serious. This helps you show that something serious has occurred, and gives you the added weight of a government record. Contact the police and an animal control officer.
  4. Seek Legal Help: It usually does not take long for the dog owner’s homeowners insurance company to contact you. Whether you hear from the owners themselves or their insurers, you may feel pressure to settle the matter quickly, without involving the court system.

If you have no injuries, or minor injuries that do not require treatment, this may make sense. If you have been hurt, though, do not talk about settlement or fault without consulting an attorney first. Take the time to discuss your rights and get the protection you deserve.

If you’ve suffered a dog bite, contact the personal injury attorneys at Eisenberg Law in Madison, WI for a free consultation.