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Madison Metro Bike Paths

Stay safe on Madison Metro Bike Paths

Autumn in Wisconsin provides natural beauty that can rival anyplace else in the country. And the state’s bike trails give you the opportunity to get out and enjoy some exercise in the cool air among the falling leaves. When you go out to enjoy a ride, be careful to pay attention to what you are doing. If you follow all the proper safety precautions, you can find tranquility that makes everything else in your life a little better.

Mariners Trail

Mariners Trail provides 5.5 miles of scenic travel along the shore of Lake Michigan. This is a free trail for bikers, walkers, or joggers, and includes travel through a state forest and city areas.

Heart of Vilas County System

The Heart of Vilas County trail system includes several different trails for your enjoyment. The total is over 45 miles of paved trails, taking you through dense forests and along clear waters. You can chose shorter routes within or take on the whole system, so it can accommodate just about any fitness level.

Bugline Trail

Bugline Trail goes through several quarries and covers 16 miles. It provides woodlands as well as fantastic views down into the quarries along the way. It ends near North Lake, giving you a nice view of the water.

Old Abe State Trail

The Old Abe State Trail runs for twenty miles between Lake Wissota State Park and Brunet Island State Park. You need a state trail pass to use it, but it can give you an opportunity to enjoy biking, rollerblading, running, or walking amid wildlife and natural beauty.

Whatever trail you choose, be careful to follow the rules and keep an eye out for others on the path. Take your time and keep yourself safe as you enjoy the beauty that Wisconsin’s bike paths offer.