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Madison WI Roof Falls and Liability

Homeowner negligence for roof fall

When people work on rooftops, falls and injuries will sometimes occur. In some respects, this represents a hazard of the job. Still, when a homeowner’s negligence leads to an injury, the homeowner can be liable for damages related to the fall. The circumstances of the accident will help determine the extent of this liability.

How Negligence Occurs

A staple of personal injury law is that when a hazard is obvious and avoidable, a person who injures himself or herself cannot recover damages for failing to avoid the condition. If you fall off the edge of the roof because of your own carelessness, you likely will not recover. On the other hand, if the roof has slick spots or structural weaknesses that are not apparent, these can represent hazards for which the homeowner is responsible.

A good example comes when there is a soft spot in the roof. This may not be obvious until you step in the wrong place. If the homeowner did not warn you of the structural defect, you can injure yourself, and the homeowner may be liable for the injury.

Insurance and Liability

In many cases, the homeowner’s insurance policy covers liability for injuries to workers or to others on the property. You may have an opportunity to settle a claim through that policy. However, insurers function on a model that depends on paying out as little money as possible. Before you accept a settlement offer, you should understand the full extent of your injuries and the damages you have sustained.

If you contact Eisenberg Law Offices, we will help you talk through and understand your claim, and make sure the insurer cannot trick you into accepting less than your claim is worth. If you have been injured in a rooftop fall, contact us to get the experienced representation you deserve.

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