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Wire Fraud Charges | Wire Fraud Defense | Eisenberg Law

Facing Wire Fraud Charges In Wisconsin? Here’s What You Need To Know Wire fraud is considered a white collar crime. It is categorized with similar non-violent crimes that involve money such as theft, embezzlement, and counterfeiting, among others. Wire fraud is also a federal offense, so fines and penalties are severe. Defining Wire Fraud Wire fraud is similar to other types of fraud like bank fraud or check fraud; all are intended to defraud other people of money. The difference...

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Solicitation by Attorneys

Before responding to solicitation by attorneys, do your homework If you have ever been sued, arrested, hospitalized, or been in a traffic accident, you know one thing you can depend on: hearing from lawyers. Almost as soon as you get home the next day, the calls and the postcards start to arrive. It is almost as though they sense something has happened to you, and swoop in eagerly for their chance to cash in on what happened to you. Before you respond, though, take some time to evaluate the...

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presentencing investigation

Madison WI Roof Falls and Liability

Homeowner negligence for roof fall When people work on rooftops, falls and injuries will sometimes occur. In some respects, this represents a hazard of the job. Still, when a homeowner’s negligence leads to an injury, the homeowner can be liable for damages related to the fall. The circumstances of the accident will help determine the extent of this liability. How Negligence Occurs A staple of personal injury law is that when a hazard is obvious and avoidable, a person who injures...

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How to Choose the Best Personal Injury Lawyer

How to find a Personal Injury Lawyer in Madison WI Much of the legal advice online is about what happens if you find yourself in a particular situation, with the advice to contact a lawyer before anything else. However, if you don’t know of any good lawyers, that advice can ring a bit hollow. It is possible to find a good personal injury lawyer within a reasonable time frame if you look for a specific set of qualities. Winners Who Know What They’re Doing Look for lawyers...

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