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Solicitation by Attorneys

Before responding to solicitation by attorneys, do your homework

If you have ever been sued, arrested, hospitalized, or been in a traffic accident, you know one thing you can depend on: hearing from lawyers. Almost as soon as you get home the next day, the calls and the postcards start to arrive. It is almost as though they sense something has happened to you, and swoop in eagerly for their chance to cash in on what happened to you. Before you respond, though, take some time to evaluate the lawyers and firms who are contacting you. You will often find that they will not give you the representation you need.  Here is some advice from a Madison Law Firm:

Who Is It?

Many of the lawyers looking to solicit your business may not operate anywhere near you. If you get into an accident in Madison, Wisconsin, a law firm in Minneapolis will not know the courts or the area as well as an experienced, local firm can. National firms will brag about their success stories, but you don’t need someone who has won cases across the country. You need someone to help you win your case here.

Similarly, many new attorneys look to garner business and experience through this kind of blast mail. They lack the experience to get word of mouth business, so they monitor police and court records to find as many potential clients as possible. You can become someone else’s practice case as they try to improve their court skills.

What to Look For

When you decide on a lawyer or firm to represent you, you need to know that your attorney will have experience in your kind of case, in the location you need. Every court has rules specific to the court and even the judges there. Experienced counsel in Madison will always have an advantage in those courts over someone coming from the outside. Similarly, you should look for experience in the area of law you need.

Eisenberg Law Offices has over thirty years of experience representing clients in personal injury and criminal defense. Look past the mailings and solicitations, and count on us to give you the representation you deserve.

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