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Facing Wire Fraud Charges In Wisconsin? Here’s What You Need To Know

Wire fraud is considered a white collar crime. It is categorized with similar non-violent crimes that involve money such as theft, embezzlement, and counterfeiting, among others. Wire fraud is also a federal offense, so fines and penalties are severe.

Defining Wire Fraud

Wire fraud is similar to other types of fraud like bank fraud or check fraud; all are intended to defraud other people of money. The difference is wire fraud is committed using interstate wires or communication lines and devices like landline phones, cell phones, and computers. Wire fraud includes scams like telemarketing fraud, phishing, malware, or spam related schemes.

Elements Of Wire Fraud

You may find yourself facing wire fraud charges if:

  • You created or participated in a scheme to defraud another person(s) out of money
  • You did so with the intent to defraud/did so voluntarily
  • You used interstate wire communications to commit the act

You can be charged with wire fraud even if the transaction fails. Just the attempt to defraud another person can lead to charges.

Defense Against Wire Fraud Charges Is Possible

It is possible to mount a strong defense against the charges with an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side.
In order to be convicted, the prosecution must prove several things such as:

  • You acted with intent to defraud others of money, property, or other valuables
  • You were a voluntary and knowledgeable participant in the scheme

Proving these things can be difficult and provides an opportunity for your Wisconsin criminal defense attorney to argue points and present evidence in your favor.

Fight Allegations Of Wire Fraud With Eisenberg Law At Your Side

The risks are very high when it comes to federal crimes. If you are charged with wire fraud you need legal representation from an attorney who has experience in fraud and criminal cases. Contact the fraud defense attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices for a free case assessment at 608-256-8356 or at

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