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Managing An Identity Theft Charge

Identity Theft Is A Serious Charge: Hire An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney In Madison, WI

In today’s online world, the face of identity theft is constantly changing and evolving. It’s not just about wrongfully using someone else’s identity in actual or virtual scenarios; even being found in possession of someone’s identification information can bring serious charges.

If you have been charged with identity theft, you already understand that it is not a minor offence. Being found guilty of stealing someone’s identity can bring with it significant consequences. In order to ensure your rights are protected throughout the litigation process, it’s important to work with a professional and reputable criminal defense attorney in Madison, WI.

What Are The Consequences Of Identity Theft?

Why should you partner with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Madison, WI to help you with an identity theft case? A skilled criminal defense attorney will work hard on your behalf to get you the best final results possible including an acquittal. An identity theft case can result in serious penalties such as:

  • Prison: Being convicted of identity theft can result in a prison term. Being convicted of a misdemeanor offence can carry a sentence of up to a year incarceration.
  • Fines and fees: Court rulings may mandate that perpetrators of identity theft must pay various fines. The total amount of fines and fees can fluctuate based on whether the charges are misdemeanor or felony offences.
  • Restitution: Fines and fees are meant as penalties for the offender. However, restitution is designed to compensate victims in the case. Every identity theft case has its own unique set of circumstances that may have an affect on mandated restitution ruled by the courts.
  • Probation: Probation may be offered in an identity theft case. It may be offered in conjunction with fees and other penalties. If probation is offered, the offender is required to follow a litany of stringent, court-imposed rules and regulations.

Because the penalties can be severe, it’s imperative to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle your case. From negotiating a settlement, to preparing for trial, to proving your innocence, a skilled firm will have the insight needed to get you the best results possible.

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