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What Not to Do After a Car Wreck

Know what not to do if you’re in a car accident

The moment a car accident happens is an unpleasant jolt for everyone involved. It often results in people doing or saying things they shouldn’t as they try to maintain a sense of calm while dealing with what could be a horrible situation. If you have been in a car accident, it helps to know what you should not do in case your role in the accident is questioned.

Don’t Leave the Scene

Wisconsin requires those involved in an accident to stay at the scene, or at least as close to it as is safe. If the accident occurred in the middle of a freeway, for example, you and everyone else involved must move out of the way of traffic. But you should not leave until either police have given you permission, or (if it were a minor accident that didn’t require police intervention) all appropriate information has been exchanged between drivers.

Don’t Admit Fault or Say You’re Totally Fine

Even if the accident looks like it is obviously your fault, don’t say so. Keep what you say to very basic responses. Admitting fault to others involved may adversely affect how subsequent lawsuits turn out.

If you were the one hit and not at fault, be careful about stating you’re fine. You can refuse treatment if you prefer, but if you say you’re fine, you might reduce your chances of getting medical coverage or reimbursement if problems crop up later. It is very common for the adrenaline rush of the accident to mask injury. You might feel fine then, but the next morning you might notice aches becoming worse.

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