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Personal Injury: 5 Things to Know About Drowning Accidents

Drowning Accidents – stay safe to avoid Personal Injury

Madison, Wisconsin is home to no fewer than five lakes residents and visitors enjoy during the summer months. While you can enjoy them for boating, swimming, or fishing, you need to be aware of the dangers they can represent. Understanding the risks and dangers you face can go a long way toward keeping you safe in the water and avoiding personal injury.

  1. It’s More Common Than You Think: On average, about ten people die every day in drowning accidents. The accidents are more frequent in the summer when more people are out in the water, so you need to be careful every time you go out.
  2. Everyone Should Learn to Swim: Swimming is an important skill to learn. The more you do to protect yourself and your family, the better your chances of avoiding becoming part of the statistics. Take lessons and practice so you are ready when you get into the water.
  3. Start Early: Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among children ages one to four. Keep an eye on your kids, whether you are out swimming, on a boat, or just relaxing on one of Madison’s many parks and beaches. Young children may not be able to protect themselves, and all you need to do is lose track of them for a moment.
  4. You Don’t Need Deep Water: According to the International Life Saving Federation, four out of every ten drowning deaths begin less than two meters from shore, and in less than one meter of water. You may believe that staying in shallow water protects you, but all you need is enough water to submerge your face for drowning to be a possibility.
  5. Negligence Can Play a Role: If you are in a pool that does not have drain covers, or a lifeguard is on duty and fails to respond properly, you may have a claim for liability.

Do all you can to protect yourself and your family, but if someone else’s negligence caused an accidental drowning, you can count on Eisenberg Law Offices to represent you.