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Personal Injury Attorney Fees – contingent fee basis

Madison Personal Injury cases handled on a contingency fee basis

If you have been injured in or around Madison, Wisconsin, you should contact an attorney to help you get compensation for your damages. While most people understand this on some level, they may worry about the ability to pay for an attorney. If you are worried about the cost of legal services, you may benefit from a contingent fee arrangement. This removes much of the burden of paying and can help you gain access to the civil justice system.

How Contingent Fees Work

When you speak to a lawyer about your case, he or she will help you understand your rights and your options. If you decide to hire the attorney on a contingent fee basis, you do not have to pay up-front legal fees. Instead, the attorney agrees to work on your case and collect his or her payment at the end. This comes as an agreed percentage of your settlement or trial verdict, along with costs and expenses incurred in preparing and presenting your case.

The arrangement gives you peace of mind. You can concentrate on healing and recovering from your injury without the added burden of paying an attorney.

What If You Lose?

Of course, you may worry about what happens if you go to trial and lose. If that occurs, the attorney usually bears the cost of the loss. The fee is contingent on the attorney earning you a damages award; if there is no award, you will not pay a fee at all. The attorney takes on this risk and essentially bets on his or her abilities and the strength of your case.

If you are injured and worried about your ability to afford a great lawyer, contingent fee agreements can get you there. You can afford an experienced personal injury lawyer. In Madison, Wisconsin, working with Eisenberg Law Offices gives you that opportunity.