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Personal Injury Attorneys Madison WI | Summer Car Accidents

Personal Injury Attorneys in Madison, WI Weigh in on Summer Car Accidents

While Midwest winters have a reputation for causing car accidents, warm weather sees its fair share of accidents too. The personal injury attorneys at Madison, WI’s Eisenberg Law Offices represent drivers and passengers all year round and while winter accidents can often be attributed to slick conditions, summertime accidents occur under far different circumstances.

As The Temperature Rises, So Does Car Accident Risk

One thing we’ve noticed is that the number of car accidents actually increases as the temperatures rise! There are several reasons for this:   

  • More Cars on the Road. Summer is a time for road trips and family vacations. Wisconsin draws visitors from all over the state and the surrounding states, eager to visit our northern lakes and forests, Door County, the Dells, and quiet cabin retreats. Simply having more drivers on the road is enough to increase the chances of a car accident occurring. Your best protection is to drive defensively, obey all traffic laws, and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.
  • Sun Glare. Warm, sunny days are more than welcome after winter, but all that sun and its higher position in the sky can cause glare on the road or your windshield, This reduces visibility, making it hard to see obstacles, pedestrians, traffic lights, or sudden stops by the vehicle in front of you. Polarized sunglasses can help reduce glare and improve visibility. If you need glasses to drive, consider getting polarized prescription sunglasses which will help reduce eye strain.
  • Fatigue. Who hasn’t tried to push through the last leg of a trip or gotten on the road earlier or stayed later than they probably should have? Driver fatigue is a leading cause of car accidents and it’s worse when you are driving into the sun. Try to avoid driving facing the sun for too long since this causes eye strain and contributes to fatigue. Let another driver spell you if you feel tired or unfocused. If you’re driving solo, pull off and take a break until you are more focused.
  • Mechanical Issues. Just as winter can really do a number on vehicles, so can summer. Blown tires, overheated cars, and conked out air conditioners can all cause loss of driver control. Try to head off these issues by having your car inspected by a mechanic before you hit the road. Check your fluid levels and tires regularly and generally be aware of your vehicle’s condition.

Eisenberg Law Personal Injury Attorneys in Madison, WI Can Help With Your Case

If you have been injured in a car accident in Wisconsin and need legal advice, contact Eisenberg Law’s personal injury attorneys in Madison, WI. We offer free and confidential consultations so you can explore all of your legal options. Call 608-256-8356 or email to schedule your free consultation.