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Personal Injury Lawsuit Independent Medical Exam Tips

When A Personal Injury Lawsuit Requires An Independent Medical Examination (IME)

If you are involved with in a personal injury lawsuit you might be asked to take part in an Independent Medical Exam or IME. This examination is undertaken by a physician hired by the defendants to learn more about the nature and extent of your injuries. If you are approached for such an exam, here are a few things to keep in mind.

3 Tips When Participating In An Independent Medical Exam

  1. Be Honest. It is not uncommon for victims to feel defensive when questioned about their injuries, especially when the one doing the questioning is working for the one who is responsible for those injuries. There can be a tendency to exaggerate the injuries or hide details that you think might work against you, but this is a bad idea since it can make you appear untrustworthy or deceitful. The best course of action is to always be completely honest about your injuries, symptoms, and your medical history.
  2. Be Polite And Considerate. Along with being honest is being polite. Your cooperation and assistance throughout the process not only makes thing go more smoothly, but also provides a good impression. Arrive on time, be courteous to the doctor and staff, and complete all the paperwork and requirements they ask of you.
  3. Be Precise. Providing precise explanations of your injuries and pain will make diagnosing and evaluating the injury easier and more accurate. Don’t exaggerate, but do provide details and discuss your injuries in a manner that the doctor can clearly understand.

Protect Yourself In A Personal Injury Lawsuit With Help From An Eisenberg Law Personal Injury Attorney

One of the first things you should do if you have suffered an injury due to another person or entity’s negligence is to contact a personal injury attorney, especially if you are asked to participate in an independent medical exam. Your attorney can help ensure your rights are protected and you aren’t being asked to participate in unnecessary tests or exams.

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