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multiple vehicle accident

Personal Injury Liability In Multiple Vehicle Accidents

Determining Liability for Personal Injury Claims in a Multiple Vehicle Accident

On the face of it, a multiple vehicle accident can appear to be the fault of the last driver in the chain, but in reality, any of the drivers could be at fault, even more than one of them. This is because multi-vehicle accidents often occur due to a combination of factors – weather, speed, traffic on the roads, time of day, and road conditions – as well as driver actions. Drivers themselves range from newly licensed to those with decades of driving experience and from professional or commercial drivers to those who drive only occasionally.

These are just a few of the reasons why a personal injury claim about a multi-vehicle accident requires investigation and a thorough examination of evidence. There are simply too many factors at play to easily determine who is liable for the accident.

Factors That Influence Multiple Vehicle Accident Liability

Personal injury attorneys will examine all of the above-mentioned factors and more to determine liability in a multi-vehicle accident. This helps ensure the client is given access to all areas of potential compensation and that the party that is liable is held responsible for their actions. In general, you can expect your attorney to investigate:

  • All drivers involved in the accident. Attorneys will try to ascertain the driver’s actions and behaviors leading up to the accident to determine if those actions or behaviors may have contributed to the accident.
  • All vehicles involved in the accident. Faulty equipment or vehicle malfunction can cause accidents or contribute to the injuries sustained. For this reason, attorneys will always look at the vehicles’ repair and maintenance histories to find out if there was any mechanical issue that may have influenced the accident.
  • Site conditions. The location of the accident and conditions of the site at the time of the incident will also be examined. Construction activities, delivery trucks that block line of sight, and road conditions can all contribute to an accident and may indicate that someone other than a driver is at least partially liable for the accident.

If you are ever involved in a multiple vehicle accident for which you pursue an injury claim you should expect your attorney to examine these factors and more to successfully advocate your position. Your attorney can even interact with insurance companies on your behalf if you feel you are wrongly denied compensation or are offered a payout that is unacceptable.

Let Eisenberg Law Advocate For You

There is no reason to be intimidated by a multi-vehicle personal injury claim when Eisenberg Law Offices is on your side. Our personal injury attorneys have decades of experience investigating claims, building arguments, dealing with insurance companies, and navigating the legal process to help our clients recover financial compensation after car accidents.

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