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Probation in Wisconsin

Placed on probation in Wisconsin. Now What?

If you are on probation in Wisconsin, know what’s expected to stay out of trouble

If you are placed on probation in Wisconsin, the court has determined that you should be released back into the community rather than having to go to jail. Still, this does not mean the same thing as having your freedom. Probation usually comes with a requirement that you meet certain conditions until the probationary period expires. For this reason, you should work with your lawyer to make sure you understand and can follow the conditions for your release.

Don’t Break the Law           

The first of these sounds very simple: if you are on probation, you need to make sure you do not commit any other crimes. It is critical for you to adhere to this. Committing another crime, even something that seems relatively small, can result in your probation being revoked and your going to jail.

You should not only be careful of what you do, but of what company you keep. If you have friends with a penchant for trouble, or go to bars or other locations that might bring out the worst in you, you should avoid them over the course of your probation. Don’t put yourself in situations that might lead to trouble.

Checking In

You also will likely have to check in periodically with your assigned parole officer, and sometimes attend court-ordered counseling as well. Do everything you can to keep all of these appointments on schedule. If an emergency forces you to miss something, you must reach out to your parole officer and let him or her know. Never assume that missing a court-ordered appointment is okay.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Finally, one condition of your release may be to submit to regular drug and alcohol testing. Do not rely on math and average time for a substance to work through your system. When you are required to be tested, the only safe approach is to abstain until your probation is over.

Navigating a probation in Wisconsin is not always easy. Your attorney at Eisenberg Law Offices can help you understand and keep the conditions of your parole.