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wisconsin road trip

Prioritizing Safety on a Spring Road Trip: 5 Easy Tips

Avoid car accidents with these road trip safety tips

Wisconsin winters can be brutal, with the extremes seemingly worse by the year. It is no wonder so many people look forward to spring, when the weather finally breaks and the world seems accessible again. It provides the opportunity and perfect excuse for a road trip. In your excitement for escape, though, be careful not to forget safety. The ice may have melted away, but car accidents can still happen. Following these safety tips can help keep you safe on your spring road trip.

1. Put Your Phone Away

Texting and driving is illegal in Wisconsin. More importantly, distracted driving causes accidents every day. Whether you are thinking about making a call, posting on Facebook, or sending updates on your trip, wait until you stop. Your social media followers can live without your documenting your road trip until later. 

2. Have Your Car Checked

Vehicle maintenance, including changing your oil, checking your brakes, and topping off your fluids, goes a long way toward protecting you. Give your car a tune-up to make sure it is road-ready. If you are discovering a problem on the highway, it is too late.

3. Protect Your Eyes

You may feel like you have gone all winter without seeing the sun. Suddenly, a bright, glowing orb appears in the sky. Wearing sunglasses with UV ray protection helps lessen the effect of sun glare, keeping you and other drivers safer on the road.

4. Buckle In

If you are in an accident, you and your family are safer if you wear seat belts. If you have small children, check to make sure their car seats are secure as well. It may be easy to get caught up in the scenery and the fresh air, but basic safety measures still matter.

5. Pack a First-Aid Kit

You are almost certainly not equipped to perform major medical work on the road. Treating any minor scrapes or curs, though, can prevent big problems down the road. Keep bandages and antibiotic treatments handy, just in case.