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Blood Alcohol Content Testing

In DUI or Operating While Intoxicated OWI arrest, results from blood alcohol concentration testing can be used in a court of law if you are charged for driving a motorized vehicle under the influence of intoxicating substances including alcohol and illegal or prescription drugs. While an OWI Blood test can be challenged, if you refuse to take the test, you are faced with suspension or revocation of your driver’s license 30 days from the date of your arrest.

To represent you aggressively, the team of experienced DUI and OWI attorneys at Eisenberg law Offices, S.C. Madison, WI, may be able to prevent the use of your blood test results at trial. These tests results can be used by the prosecuting attorney as evidence to charge you with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration violation or Operating While Intoxicated offense. If you have been arrested for drunk driving, your priority is to save your driver’s license. Contact our experienced DUI and OWI attorneys to review your case today.

How Is Blood Alcohol Content Level Calculated?

Blood Alcohol Concentration testing or BAC is done through blood and breath. Although urine can be used, it rarely is. While blood tests involve taking a sample and sending it to the state crime lab, breath testing can be done at the police station. The percentage of alcohol in the bloodstream is based on the number of drinks consumed and on the person’s weight. Breath tests only detect alcohol. Blood tests detect alcohol and drugs.

There are various factors involved which can be used to challenge these blood and breath tests. In Wisconsin, Operating While Intoxicated includes the use of both illegal and prescription drugs, which can impair driving. An OWI or DUI arrest can result in charges by the state, both for DUI and the possession of drugs. For the best defense against conviction, contact the experienced team of drunk driving attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices today to review your case.

OWI Blood Test And Wisconsin Drunk Driving Blood Tests

No matter what the blood or breath test results are, if you are charged with OWI, a number of legal challenges face you. Sanctions also apply if you refuse to take the blood or breath test. As soon as you are charged, your first step must be to contact a reputable OWI and DUI attorney who can not only save your driving license, but protect your rights.

Get in touch with a drunk driving attorney at Eisenberg Law offices today to review your case.



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