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Child Solicitation

If you have been accused of child solicitation or the possession of child pornography, you could be facing a prison sentence, a life-long criminal record, sex offender registration and social stigma unless you have an experienced sex crime attorney to defend you. Wisconsin is extremely serious about child sex crimes, which includes child pornography and solicitation, child enticement, prostitution and sexual assault or exploitation of a minor. Possession and distribution of child pornography are punishable with severe penalties, including minimum mandatory time in prison and registration as a sex offender for life.

To get yourself the right defense, your first step is to contact an experienced sex crime attorney who can defend you aggressively. At Eisenberg law Offices, S.C. Madison, WI, we are committed to handling every case with the care and attention it deserves. Our Sex Crime Attorneys have the expertise and understanding of the various aspects of and are well-versed in the laws related to child pornography and solicitation. If you have been charged with child enticement or the possession of child pornography, contact us for a free, confidential consultation today.

Wisconsin Sex Crime Law for Child solicitation

Child solicitation includes an attempt to entice a child less than 18 years to a secluded place with illegal intent. This may be for sexual reasons, prostitution, exposing a sex organ to the child, recording sexually explicit activities by the child or injuring the child mentally or physically. Under Wisconsin criminal law Child Pornography, Enticement, soliciting a Child for Prostitution, Exploitation of Child are all serious felonies.

The accused faces prosecution, imprisonment and fines besides mandatory registration as a sex offender. It does not matter whether the illegal activity is consummated. Merely attempting to commit the crime is enough to incur severe penalties.

The Sex Crime Attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices have the skills and experience to represent you aggressively in sex crime cases. If you are under suspicion or facing arrest for child pornography or other child related crimes, contact us for a free, confidential consultation. We can get you the justice you deserve.



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