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Prostitution in Wisconsin

Solicitation for prostitution or solicitation is a sex crime that involves asking for, or promoting the exchange of sexual services for money. It also includes being a part of a place of prostitution, frequenting a prostitute and running a place of prostitution. Based on the type of crime, it is classified as a Class A misdemeanor, Class H or Class F felony.

Child prostitution involves allowing or forcing a minor to engage in prostitution and receiving a benefit from it. Under Wisconsin law, intentionally soliciting a child for sex or forcing a minor to engage in prostitution, or placing a child in a place of prostitution is a Class D Felony.

Penalties For Prostitution In Wisconsin

Solicitation charges can result in prosecution, a 25-year prison term, mandatory registration as a sex offender, and fines.

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Sex crimes include a plethora of offenses besides prostitution and if you have been accused, it is critical to obtain legal representation quickly from an experienced and skilled sex crime attorney.

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