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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Some of the most common personal injuries take place during motor vehicle accidents.


According to the Department of Transportation, approximately 40,000 traffic accidents per year occur across the state of Wisconsin, 650 of which result in deaths. These accidents may involve car, truck, motorcycle, or even motor boat collisions.

Car accidents can range from simple “fender benders” that may cause traffic delays to serious crashes which lead to life altering injuries. Commercial trucks, due to their sheer weight and size, can cause substantial damage to a passenger vehicle or any other vehicle with which it collides. Some of the most severe injuries are a result of collisions between motorcycles and passenger vehicles or other large vehicles.

Coping with the consequences of a serious motor vehicle accident is not easy; victims may face severe injuries resulting from these collisions between motorcycles, cars, or trucks. These accidents usually result in traumatic head injuries, broken bones, severe lacerations, and even death. The victims’ problems only compound in the aftermath. In addition to the recovery process, the looming medical bills can place a great financial strain on individuals and their families. Furthermore, they may have to face the prospect of lost wages and, in some cases, loss of future earnings capacity as well, due to the time required for rehabilitation.

Motor vehicle accident victims also suffer emotionally from their crashes – living with the trauma of the collision and dealing with the temporary or permanent changes in their lives.

If you or a loved one is suffering a personal injury as a result of someone’s negligence during a vehicular accident, contact Eisenberg Law Offices, located in Madison, Wisconsin. Our motor vehicle accident attorneys will do everything possible to ensure you are compensated for your losses and that you are well-represented in your case.

There are things that need to be done immediately after an accident, including interviewing witnesses, surveying the accident scene, taking pictures, and hiring an accident reconstructionist. The longer you wait, the more evidence fades.

The other person’s insurance company is not on your side. Their goal is to keep their money, not give it to you. Our goal at Eisenberg Law Offices is to get you the money you deserve and make sure you recover damages from all possible avenues of recovery. There may be more than one insurance company for which damages may be collected, including under your own insurance policy.

Madison WI Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

Discussing your concerns with a motor vehicle accident attorney at Eisenberg Law can help you understand the many pitfalls which similar victims face, ease your uncertainties and guide you to a successful outcome. An experienced and dedicated personal injury lawyer can protect your rights from day one and work toward securing the financial recovery you need and deserve. Eisenberg Law, based in Madison, WI, has over 28 years of experience representing people who have personal injury claims as a result of motor vehicle accidents. We have won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients.

If you or a family member are going through the pain and suffering of personal injury due to a car, motorcycle, truck or boat accident, the ordeal of medical bills and lost earnings, you must file a personal injury lawsuit within three years of the accident. As an accident victim, you have rights which need to be protected and we are here to make sure that they are. You will not pay us any attorney’s fees unless we are successful in obtaining compensation for you.

Rely on the experienced and trusted personal injury attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices and contact us at your earliest convenience for a free consultation.



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