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Wisconsin Burn Injury Attorneys

Fire cares for and spares no one, as the victims of burn injuries can testify. The burns are painful and life-changing – regular daily routine is replaced by hospital stays, rehabilitation procedures, reconstructive surgeries and psychological counseling. Not only the victims, but also their families undergo tremendous emotional distress as burns are among the most expensive catastrophic injuries to treat.

Our Wisconsin personal injury attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices, Madison, understand the overwhelming financial burden victims and their families face – we have helped many clients just like you to recover millions in medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering damages.

Burn Injuries Defined

Burn related injuries and deaths are more common than most people think. During 2010, someone died in a fire every 169 minutes in the US, and someone was injured every 30 minutes. In the same year, fire departments responded to 384,000 home fires in the US, which claimed the lives of 2,640 people (not including firefighters) and injured another 13,350 (not including firefighters) (Karter 2011).

Our Wisconsin burn injury lawyers at Eisenberg Law Offices, located in Madison, encourage you to observe required fire safety measures in order to not become part of these grave statistics.

Burn injuries can be caused by heat, electricity, chemicals, light, radiation or friction.  Most of them affect only the skin of a person. In more serious cases, burn injuries can affect deeper tissues – muscle, bone and blood vessels. Potential causes of such serious burns range from defective products, vehicle, workplace, house or hotel fires and chemical explosions.

The severity of burn injuries is determined by multiple factors, such as size, depth and location of the burn as well as the age of the patient. Burns are classified into:

  • First degree burns – redness, dry, painful;
  • Second degree burns:

1)    stage one – redness with a clear blister, blanches with pressure, moist, painful,

2)    stage two – red-and-white with bloody blisters, less blanching, moist, painful;

  • Third degree burns – stiff and white/brown, dry, leathery, painless;
  • Fourth degree burns – through skin, subcutaneous tissue and into underlying muscle and bone.

Fire can result also in three different categories of inhalation injuries:

  • Heat inhalation damage – occurs when you directly breathe in hot air or high pressure forces the heat into your lungs;
  • Systemic toxins damage – toxin poisoning can result in confusion or unconsciousness;
  • Smoke inhalation damage – victims seem unharmed by the fire but can collapse as a result of major smoke inhalation.

Professional Legal Help

Eisenberg Law Offices personal injury attorneys are aware of the sufferings and devastating consequences from burn injuries.  At the time of the tragedy, the cost of the treatment fades into the background as the family members of the victim search for the most up-to-date medical care for their loved one.  It is essential to enlist professional personal injury attorneys to handle all the complexities such cases entail.

Our experienced burn injury attorneys understand all the serious issues involved and will be able to obtain for you the required compensation.

If you or your loved one has suffered burn injuries and need an experienced and reliable attorney to help you recover damages, contact Eisenberg Law Offices for a free consultation. Our burn injury attorneys will carefully consider the details of your case and advise you on the proper course of action to receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.



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