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Quantity and Quality in Criminal Drug Charges

Fighting Drug Charges – Madison WI Criminal Attorney

The severity of a drug charge depends on the quantity and the type of drugs found on the person in question. If you’ve been arrested for a drug-related offense, your charge will be based on the type of drug and the amount you had on you. You could face multiple charges, too, if you were carrying more than one drug. In order to fight charges like these, you need the help of a skilled criminal attorney in Wisconsin to keep those charges as mild as possible.

Quantity as a Factor

Someone who has a drug with the intent to use it themselves is likely to carry much less of the drug than someone who intends to sell it. However, Wisconsin law realizes that there is no single dividing line between the two. For each drug, there are different types of felonies that depend on the amount you had on you, and the penalties get more severe as the amounts go up.

Sometimes it is obvious that not all of the drugs on a person were for that person’s own use. But for more moderate amounts, the question of possession versus intent to distribute is harder to pinpoint. This is where legal representation can help you because the more your charges stay on the side of possession, the better the chance you have of getting a lighter sentence.

It’s vital that you contact a Wisconsin attorney, such as Eisenberg Law Offices, as soon as possible if you’re facing any sort of drug charges. Your future depends on good legal representation.