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Preventing Dog Bite Injuries: Tips to Teach Your Children

Teach your children how to avoid dog bite injuries

Most people think of dogs as friendly, lovable pets–and most of the time, that description fits. Still, many dogs are also powerful animals that can be dangerous. Worse yet, most victims of dog bite injuries and attacks are children. You can never completely prevent dogs from attacking, but you can teach your kids some basic tips to help.

  1. Steer Clear of Unknown Dogs: This one can be hard for kids, but you should teach them that, just as they should never approach strangers, they should avoid dogs they don’t know. Dogs get frightened and defensive around people they do not know, and that often leads to preventable attacks.
  2. Be Nice: When children run toward dogs, tease them, or throw things at them, dogs may feel they are being attacked. Teach your kids not to provoke animals, and that can go a long way toward avoiding problems.
  3. Use Careful Confidence: When your child sees a dog that appears dangerous, his or her natural instinct is probably to run. Unfortunately, that can make things worse with an excitable animal. The better approach is to quietly walk away from the dog. The conventional wisdom that dogs can sense fear holds, but even more, they can react to fast movements and attack. Teach them to walk quietly and confidently away.
  4. Look for Warning Signs: Most dogs do not attack without giving some physical warning that they are feeling uncomfortable or threatened, If your child sees any of these signs, he or she should be cautious and avoid moving too close to the dog:
  • stiff body
  • growling
  • flattened ears
  • licking lips
  • fidgeting
  • avoiding eye contact
  • staring too intensely
  • tail between legs or standing straight

There Is No Guarantee

These tactics can help children avoid dog attacks. Still, sometimes nothing can prevent an agitated animal from attacking. Do all you can to protect your child, but if he or she is ever attacked, Wisconsin law lets you recover your damages. Eisenberg Law Offices will help you get the recovery you deserve.