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Recognizing the Warning Signs of Daycare Abuse

Madison Personal Injury Attorneys shares the signs of daycare abuse

Sending a child to a daycare center is necessary for many parents who want to ensure their children are supervised appropriately. However, that means there is the risk that the child will be exposed to abuse at the daycare center. Most centers interact appropriately with all children. But you should know the signs of abuse so that you can identify it and report the abuse to the proper authorities.

Signs Can Be Subtle

Signs of abuse are often subtle and harder to spot, especially in younger children who might not have the language capability to describe what’s going on. You may see more than a reasonable share of bruises or cuts dismissed as the result of falling off a swing, for example, or the child could seem to develop a number of illnesses, especially stomach pain, that would keep him or her home.

The child may seem unusually reluctant to go to daycare all of a sudden, or your child may also start acting out around other children, repeating the behavior he or she sees and experiences at the daycare center.

Also look for more incidences of nightmares, moodiness, or a reluctance to go to bed. Staying up may be a sign the child is trying to delay the next day — and the next stint at the daycare center — from beginning.

Report and Investigate First

You should ask the child’s doctor to help determine the causes of injuries, illness, and behavioral changes. The problems you see could be due to other conditions. Those stomach problems or bruises that won’t heal can indicate hidden health problems, or, the signs could really be due to abuse, but abuse perpetrated by a relative or family friend.

However, if the doctor determines the problems stem from abuse, likely at the center, you need to notify law enforcement and get a lawyer immediately. In Madison, Wisconsin, Eisenberg Law Offices can help you navigate the often-confusing world of courts and lawsuits dealing with child abuse. Your child deserves to be safe, and your lawsuit may be the one to help move abusive people away from children.