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truck accident

Recovering for Damages due to Highway Accidents with Trucks

Damages for Car-Truck accidents can be recoverable – find out how

Highway driving creates potential hazards every day. Some of the most damaging accidents come when large trucks change lanes unsafely. The size of the vehicle and the highway speeds involved create a dangerous combination. If you have been in an accident with a commercial truck, you may be able to recover damages. 

How Accidents Happen

Truck drivers are professionals, and know how to handle their vehicles. Unfortunately, mistakes happen. In a lane change, it can be difficult for a driver to judge the space or sometimes see another vehicle, especially behind a large trailer. In addition, wind resistance or a blown tire can make the driver lose control of the truck and veer or tip into another driver on the road. Finally, while logging long hours on the road, a driver can simply get tired and lose focus for that one critical moment.

Unfortunately, one moment is enough to cause tremendous damage. If a truck hits you, it can total your car and cause significant injuries. Even if you avoid it, swerving out of harm’s way can create a chain reaction that might involve multiple cars, causing damage to property and injuries to anyone affected.

Who Is Responsible?

A truck driver carries insurance that covers him or her as well as the trucking company. The driver may be personally liable, but the company as well has a responsibility to ensure its trucks are safe for operation on the highway. In addition, because the drivers are agents for the company, the company is usually liable for their actions on duty. In some cases, the entity that hired the trucking company may bear responsibility as well.

The driver and company will of course try to either deny liability or settle quickly. If you have been in a highway accident with a truck, contact Eisenberg Law Offices online or at (608)256-8356. We have the truck accident experience to get you the results you deserve.