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Recovering Personal Injury Damages for Pain and Suffering

If you’ve experienced a personal injury, don’t ignore compensation for Pain and Suffering

If you have been injured or heard about a personal injury lawsuit, the phrase “pain and suffering” has undoubtedly come up. The words have clear meaning, but they can feel mysterious when it comes to damages in your case. To recover damages by this measure, you need to prove not only that you are hurt, but that these damages continue to impact your life.

What Are Pain and Suffering Damages?

Pain and suffering damages are separate from your economic damages. Your economic damages include items you can calculate: lost wages, medical bills, property damage, and other costs that you can tally. You collect invoices, wage statements, and other paperwork to present as evidence, either for a settlement discussion or for trial.

Pain and suffering is more subjective; it relates to your quality of life after the injury. It includes both physical and mental pain, and focuses on your ability to enjoy life. If your personal injury leaves you disfigured, dealing with chronic pain, or unable to work or play comfortably, your case is worth more money.

How Do I Prove Pain and Suffering?

Demonstrating your pain and suffering can be complicated. After an accident, the insurance company may not want to include it in a settlement offer. Still, these are real consequences of an injury, and you deserve compensation. You can demonstrate these damages by providing not only the medical bills and accident reports, but other evidence that shows what you are going through. Pictures from the accident, reports from your employer about time missed from work, and statements from yourself and others who know you can all help show that your injuries and damages go beyond what hospital records will show.

If someone else’s negligence has caused your injuries, you have a right to compensation for all of the harm that person created. An experienced personal injury attorney can make the difference in getting you the full compensation you deserve. Contact Eisenberg Law Offices in the Madison, Wisconsin area to learn more.