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safest cars for teens

Safest Vehicles for Teen Drivers

Madison Personal Injury Lawyers identify best cars for Teens

If your teenager is ready to start driving, you are probably terrified. New drivers in Madison, Wisconsin face at times busy roads. You may want to look for a small, more easily maneuverable car, or a larger vehicle that can better withstand the impact of a crash. Whatever category you choose, though, solid options exist for you to help keep your teen driver safe.  The Madison Personal Injury Lawyers at Eisenberg Law Offices provide guidance for the best cars for your teen drivers.

What to Look For

Teen drivers, no matter how careful they are, need to develop experience to become excellent drivers. When they are new to the road, they may be nervous or reckless, either of which can spell disaster. To help protect them, you should avoid extremes in the vehicles you choose. Compact and subcompact cars provide maneuverability but may not provide enough frame protection between the driver and another vehicle on impact. A very large vehicle can be clumsy and difficult to operate for less experienced drivers.

Similarly, you want a vehicle with enough speed and acceleration to help avoid an accident. Merging on highways in and around Madison can create problems for new drivers trying to avoid other drivers. But too much horsepower can be too much temptation, or just be difficult to control for the novice behind the wheel. You should be seeking moderate power, a solid construction, and added safety features when you select a vehicle.

Top Selections

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has identified the top safety choices in different categories for you to select for your teenage driver.

  • Best midsized car: Dodge Avenger
  • Best large car: Volvo S-80
  • Best small SUV: Mitsubishi Outlander Sport
  • Best mid-sized SUV: Volvo XC-90

All of these are solid cars that provide great protection, with good value in a used vehicle for your teen. Still, before you make your choice, try out a few options. You need a vehicle in which your teen can be comfortable as a driver, with the size, weight, and power that fits him or her. Investing in a safe option for your teen can help protect him or her during the early driving years.