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Scars and Disfigurements – When Injuries Leave Lasting Marks

Many injuries, such as broken bones and soft tissue injuries, will heal in time and leave nothing more than a memory of a painful encounter. Some injuries, however, leave permanent marks in the form of scars and disfigurements. These residual effects of injuries are emotionally upsetting and can even impact relationships, one’s occupational outlook, and self-esteem. Scars may result from:

  • Dog bites
  • Burns
  • Automobile accidents
  • Assaults
  • Construction accidents

Some scars are especially upsetting. Consider, for example, a dog biting the face of a young girl. The girl may require a number of stitches and a round of antibiotics to address her injuries, and she will likely be left with noticeable scarring on her face. As she grows, she will probably feel self-conscious of her scars and they may affect her self-esteem. Further, she may feel like she can no longer pursue certain careers because of her scars.

In another case, a man may have lost a portion of his arm due to a construction accident. He may have considerable scarring that limits his range of motion. In this case, he is both emotionally and physically affected by the scar. Both of these cases demonstrate just how damaging scars can be.

Cosmetic surgery may be necessary to help minimize scars and disfigurement. These surgeries are often extensive and painful, and may result in additional time away from work. Surgeries can minimize scars, but no treatment is 100 percent effective. Our Madison personal injury lawyers will help you get the treatment you need to maximize healing and scar improvement.

Scarring injuries may result in severe emotional trauma and turmoil. The injured person may require psychological counseling and professional help as they deal with their altered appearance. As their physical injuries fade, their emotional pain may worsen. We believe that the pain and suffering that individuals with scars face is particularly severe. That is why we work so hard to achieve ultimate compensation in these cases.

If you have scars from an injury, contact the personal injury lawyer Madison, WI residents call upon again and again at the Eisenberg Law Firm.