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Personal Injury Lawsuit

Settlement of $357,000 for Fall down Stairs – October, 2017

Wisconsin woman’s fall down apartment stairs results in personal injury settlement On February 17, 2016, a Portage woman was visiting her sister when she fell down a stairway leading to the basement of her sister’s apartment and resulted in multiple personal injuries to the woman. The landlord haphazardly installed shower towel bar tubes instead of staircase railings. The railings were not continuous, nor did they meet building code requirements.

Attorney Stephen J. Eisenberg retained a building code expert who inspected the premises and determined that the stairway and handrail system on the home was designed and installed in an extremely defective and poor manner. The building code expert concluded that the handrails were installed in violation of the Uniform Dwelling and Building Code. The 67 year-old woman sustained a left broken ankle, right broken wrist, and a right rotator cuff tear, all of which required surgery.

Attorney Stephen J. Eisenberg settled the claim with American Family in October, 2017, for $357,000. The client’s medical expenses totaled $122,000.]]>