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Signs of a Dangerous Truck Driver | Wisconsin Truck Lawyers

5 Signs That There Is A Dangerous Truck Driver On A Wisconsin Roadway

The truck accident lawyers at Eisenberg Law Offices want to remind you to stay alert on the road and pay attention to the following signs, which indicate there is a dangerous driver on the road with you.

5 Signs of a Dangerous Truck Driver

We’ve all seen dangerous drivers in Wisconsin and know to avoid them for our own safety, but a truck driver who drives without regard for others on the road is particularly dangerous because trucks are so much bigger and heavier than passenger vehicles. If a truck driver loses control or needs to make a sudden stop, there is a higher chance of serious injuries to anyone else who is involved in the accident. That makes it even more important for other drivers to be aware of the warning signs of a dangerous truck driver.

  1. Swerving. Swerving trucks are incredibly dangerous, and the bigger the truck, the more danger it presents. A swerving semi is at risk of jackknifing. If this happens, the entire truck or even the trailer portion can skid into other cars or even tip over onto them. This is not to mention the traffic jam a jackknifed trailer creates!
  2. Not Obeying The Posted Speed Limits. Both truckers that drive too fast and those that drive too slowly are a risk on the road. Speeding trucks can cause crashes or swerve accidents. Trucks that are going too slowly can cause traffic disruptions or indicate that the driver is distracted.
  3. Lack of Signaling. Trucks need a lot of space to change lanes and make safe turns. When they don’t signal their intention, they can cause crashes at the rear or sides of the trailer because other drivers didn’t know to slow down and give them space. 
  4. Disobeying Traffic Lights. We all have an inherent trust that other drivers will obey traffic laws. When they don’t, accidents occur. Truck drivers who disobey traffic lights and laws are a serious threat to others due to the size and bulk of the trucks.
  5. Ignoring Weather Conditions. Every Wisconsin driver knows that the weather changes road conditions. Trucks that ignore wet, snowy or even windy weather present a danger to themselves and other drivers. Roads can be slippery or icy. Wind can create drag or push or pull on trailers, leading to lack of control, and snow and rain can inhibit visibility. Trucks drivers in particular, should slow down and drive with their lights on in inclement weather.

Dealing With Dangerous Wisconsin Truck Drivers

If you see a dangerous truck driver on the road, keep your distance and call 911.  You can call the local police or state patrol or the Federal Motor Safety Administration. Most trucks also have a number posted on the back of the truck, if you’d like to report the violation directly to the trucking company.

If you have been involved in an accident because of a dangerous truck driver, contact the Wisconsin truck accident lawyers at Eisenberg Law Offices in Madison for help. Our experienced team of truck accident lawyers can help you determine if you are entitled to compensation and represent you in a truck accident lawsuit.

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