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slip and fall - spine injuries

Slip and Fall Accidents | Spine Injuries

When a Slip and Fall Leads to Spine Injuries

Our backs are amazing. They support the entire body, protect the nerves that send messages throughout the body, and provide support for some of the largest muscles in the body. This is why spine injuries are so devasting. They can affect the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system and can impact the entire rest of your life.

A slip and fall accident is one of the most seemingly innocent types of accidents, after all, who hasn’t slipped on ice in Wisconsin? Yet, a simple slip can really mess up your back! In this post, we take a look at how to protect yourself to avoid the worst spine injuries.

Causes of a Slip and Fall

Trips, slips, and falls often result in embarrassment more than anything else, but the danger is real. Slipping and falling happen quickly and can injure your body in very obvious ways immediately, such as a broken arm, or in subtle ways that may not become evident until later, like back pain that doesn’t go away. When we fall our immediate response is to try and brace ourselves for impact. this impact can leave bumps, bruises, and broken bones. A slip and fall can happen at any time and is commonly caused by:

  • Icy conditions
  • Wet floors or pool areas
  • Grease
  • Debris

The Spine During a Slip and Fall

Since our natural reaction is to stop ourselves from falling, most people will reach out with their hands to stop the impact. But this does not protect other areas of your body, like the spine. Regardless of how you fall, the impact will jar your spine and affect the muscles in your torso, even if you don’t land on your back. That means any fall can result in spine injuries. The jarring impact can shift the spinal column or the individual disks in the spine which may cause pain and/or put pressure on the nerves in the spinal nerves. Not only can this cause localized pain or injury to the area, but nerve damage can also result anywhere in the body where this very sensitive area is hurt. The consequences of spine injuries range from mild and short-term to completely devastating and permanent.

What to do if You are Injured in a Slip and Fall Accident

If you are hurt in a slip or fall, seek medical attention right away. This will help identify any acute injuries and may head off further damage you may unwittingly cause to yourself. If your fall was the result of someone else’s carelessness or negligence, contact an accident attorney at Eisenberg Law Offices. We may be able to help you prove the other person liable for your injury and obtain compensation for you. This compensation becomes incredibly helpful when victims have spine injuries because it gives them a financial cushion to support them as they recover from their injuries.

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