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Out of State Auto Accidents

What to do if you are injured in an out of state auto accident

Every state has different laws that apply to auto accidents. Personal injury laws and insurance regulations across state lines can make a big difference in determining your rights and your ability to recover damages. If you are traveling outside of Wisconsin, understanding the laws under which your accident falls is critical to getting the compensation you deserve.

Choice of Law

In most cases, an out of state accident will apply the personal injury laws that exist where the accident occurs. If you file a lawsuit, you will typically do so there, and need an attorney licensed in that state. Sometimes, though, you can file a lawsuit in Wisconsin even if the accident occurred in another state. Depending on where you file, the laws vary significantly, and affect both what you have to prove and what you can recover. So before you decide how to handle your accident claim, take the time to sit with an experienced lawyer in your state. A consultation to talk you through the legal issues involved can help you understand the law.

Insurance Issues

Beyond personal injury laws, you may have insurance regulations that affect your rights. The insurance companies may try to steer you toward a settlement process that makes you give up your rights. Some states have no-fault insurance coverage for their drivers, while others, like Wisconsin, operate under a comparative negligence system. Applying one or the other makes a tremendous difference in what you can recover.

Out of state accidents create anxiety even beyond what you ordinarily experience in a vehicle accident. The attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices will sit with you and talk through your accident, your available claims, and your rights. Even if your accident occurs outside of Wisconsin, we can get you started toward the legal recovery you deserve. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and start on your path forward.