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winter car accident

These Factors Can Contribute to Car Accidents in Icy Conditions

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Wisconsin’s icy roads, get the help you need to determine who is at fault

In Wisconsin, you’d have a hard time avoiding ice if you drove during winter. While cities and counties do what they can to keep roads clear, your actions go a long way toward keeping you safe on the road. If you still get into an accident when driving on ice, you need to speak to a lawyer in addition to your insurance agent about the issues associated with ice.

Were You Going Too Fast?

If the road looks clear, and you’ve driven it plenty of times before, you might zone out a bit. That can lead to you driving just a little too fast for conditions, which can contribute to getting into an accident. What you want to be sure of is whether your speed contributed to the crash because that could affect your attempt to take the other party to court.

How Do I Pay These Medical Bills?

If you were injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, and your insurance coverage doesn’t cover all of the medical costs, then you may need to take the party at fault to court. You deserve to have your medical costs covered — and more — when someone injures you in an accident.

If you’ve been in an accident in icy conditions, you need to contact Eisenberg Law Offices at 608-256-8356 as soon as you can. The answers you get will help you decide whether additional legal action is necessary.