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underage drinking and driving

Underage OWI Laws in Wisconsin | Eisenberg Law Offices

Underage OWI Laws in Wisconsin

Underage OWI is something no parent wants to consider, but the fact of the matter is it happens. Wisconsin teens who are old enough to drive but not yet old enough to legally consume alcohol can be charged with OWI if they are caught drinking and driving and the consequences are severe.

How Underage OWI Laws Differ from Adult OWI Laws

Minors and adults are treated differently in many legal situations, but not with drunk driving and OWI is no different.  

  • BAC Limits. Blood alcohol count (BAC) limits are used by police to measure a driver’s level of intoxication. Wisconsin state law sets the BAC limit at .08, and this also applies to underage drinkers.  Even if an adult has a BAC of more than .08, they may not automatically receive an OWI.

The situation is quite different for underage drivers. The state’s underage policy is zero tolerance. Any BAC reading of more than 0.00% in a driver under 21 years of age can result in an absolute sobriety charge. 

These are just the legal repercussions of underage drinking and driving in Wisconsin. It is likely that young drivers will see their car insurance premiums skyrocket, especially with multiple convictions. Some insurance companies may even opt to cancel policies or not allow the driver to renew their policy at the end of its term.

Protect Your Underage Driver

Please share this information with your underage driver, even if you don’t think they’d ever drink and drive. They should be aware of the laws affecting them and how they can impact their future. If your teen is facing OWI charges in Wisconsin, contact the OWI attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices to explore your legal options. There is too much at stake to leave anything to chance.

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