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Car Accident Myths | Car Accident in Wisconsin Advice

Been in a Car Accident in Wisconsin? Don’t Fall for These Myths

Being involved in a car accident in Wisconsin is alarming enough. The last thing you want to do is compound your worry by buying into myths about car accidents. Below, we debunk 5 common car accident myths so you can navigate the aftermath of an accident with confidence.

5 Common Car Accident Myths

Myth #1: The Police Will Determine Fault.

This is not true. Police reports are used to record the facts of the accident: date, time, weather conditions, vehicles involved, injuries, and tickets issued. Police officers are able to include their opinion on who is at fault for the accident, but this is not conclusive as to who is at fault. 

Myth #2: If I Feel Fine, It’s Okay to Skip Receiving Medical Attention.

This is ill-advised. Many accident injuries are not felt right away due to an adrenaline spike that happens during and after a car accident. Other injuries don’t present themselves right away. The best course of action is to see a doctor shortly after your accident to check for any possible injuries. This medical check will help your case if you need to pursue compensation from the insurance company or the other driver to help pay for accident injuries and follow-up care.

Myth #3:  The Accident was Minor. I Can Leave the Scene.

This is not a good idea. Always report the accident to the police and follow their directions as to whether or not you can leave the scene. If you leave the scene without reporting a car accident in Wisconsin, you can face criminal charges if the other driver is injured.

Myth #4: I Can Count on my Insurer to Look Out for Me.

Sadly, this is not true. It makes sense to think that your insurance company would be looking out for your best interests after an accident, but the truth is they are far more likely to look out for their own best interests.  . Insurance companies want to minimize loss and maximize profit. That may mean denying your claim.

Myth #5: Car Accident Attorneys are Expensive, I Don’t Need One.

This is not true. Most car accident attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that they don’t get paid unless you win your case. You don’t have to worry about paying a high hourly rate or fees. We never recommend drivers try to settle a case on their own because cases involving a car accident in Wisconsin can quickly become complicated. Car accident attorneys have the specialized knowledge and experience needed to navigate the insurance claims process, represent you in court, prove fault or innocence, and ensure the insurance company is treating you fairly.

Contact Eisenberg Law Offices After a Car Accident in Wisconsin

If you have been involved in a car accident in Wisconsin, contact Eisenberg Law Offices for legal advice. We can help you file your insurance claim, deal with the insurance company for you, or pursue a personal injury claim if you were injured in the accident.

We offer free consultations and work on a contingency basis to provide you with the representation you need. Call 608-256-8356 or email to arrange your free consultation.