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concealed carry weapon

What Constitutes a Concealed Weapon in Wisconsin

If you own a gun, know the Concealed Carry rules in Wisconsin

If you are legally entitled to carry a gun in Wisconsin, you may carry it openly. Carrying a concealed weapon in Wisconsin, though, is a Class A misdemeanor. While you may know that this is a crime, you may be surprised what the law considers to be a “concealed” weapon. You may not intend to hide your weapon but still be charged if you do not have a concealed carry permit.

Understanding your rights and duties is therefore critical to defending against these charges.

Obvious and Non-Obvious Examples

Some examples of a concealed weapon are obvious. If you hide a deadly weapon in your jacket or under your shirt, you are carrying a concealed weapon. Similarly, if you keep one in a glove compartment of your car, that is concealed. If you or your vehicle is searched, you may face concealed weapons charges if you do not have a permit.

Still, other examples are less obvious but can still get you into trouble. If you have a weapon tucked into your belt and your shirt falls over it, you may be charged. Similarly, a weapon in the seat of your car, or anyplace else that an observer might not see it clearly, can be considered a concealed weapon.

Defend Your Rights

Concealed weapon charges carry a potential sentence of up to nine months in jail and a $10,000 fine. If you have been arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, you still have rights. It may have been found during an illegal search, or there may be other procedural or constitutional protections.

An experienced criminal attorney may help you lower your potential sentence or even avoid jail time altogether.  If you have been arrested on concealed weapon charges, contact Eisenberg Law Offices. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys can give you the legal defense you need.