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pedestrian hit by car

How Pedestrians Can Stay Safe on Wisconsin Roads

Know how to protect yourself as a Pedestrian on Wisconsin Roads

When you think about accidents on Wisconsin roads, you probably think primarily of vehicle collisions. While these can be dangerous, though, accidents that involve pedestrians are much more deadly. Cars that collide have a lot of machinery and safety features to help protect the people they carry. When a car hits a pedestrian, though, that protection is missing. A person struck on the road can suffer serious injuries or worse. Learning to protect yourself when traveling on foot is vital to your safety.

Pedestrian Safety Tips

Part of learning to protect yourself is understanding the rules you have as a pedestrian. If you take care with how and where you walk or run, you can avoid many of the dangers that cars present. For example, many intersections have crosswalks and pedestrian signals to follow. No matter how much of a hurry you may be in, you should always follow these for your own protection. Use sidewalks or walk on the shoulder toward oncoming traffic, so you can see approaching danger and have a better chance to avoid collisions.

Even when you are following the rules, you should be careful. A distracted or impatient driver may create problems even when you are following the rules. Pay attention and keep an eye out for drivers even at times you have the right of way.

Pedestrian’s Rights on the Road

If you follow the rules and pay attention, you can avoid most of the dangers pedestrians face. Unfortunately, accidents still happen. If you are struck and injured by a driver who is distracted or otherwise violating traffic rules, you have a right to compensation for your injuries. A Wisconsin personal injury attorney can help you file the claim.

Drivers often act as though pedestrians should not be in the road. You have a right to use most roadways on foot. Contact Eisenberg Law Offices to assert your rights and recover the damages you deserve.