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boating accident wrongful death

Wrongful Death Suits in Boating Accidents

Has someone’s negligence caused the wrongful death of your loved one in a boating accident?

Wisconsin boasts a number of beautiful lakes, and thus many opportunities to enjoy recreational boating. Unfortunately, this also creates the potential for accidents. In 2017, 25 people died in boating accidents in Wisconsin. While sometimes these cannot be helped, often someone’s reckless or negligent behavior causes an accident that should never have happened. If your loved one has been killed due to someone else’s inappropriate boating behavior, you should contact a Wisconsin attorney for help filing a wrongful death claim.

How Boating Accidents Happen

Most of the time, boating accidents happen because someone acted inappropriately. Exceeding posted speed limits can create dangerous situations, whether by creating unsafe wakes or colliding directly with others on the water. Boating while intoxicated also increases the risk of accidents, as reflexes and judgment decline quickly. Finally, operating a boat in unsafe weather conditions can create problems for you and those around you.

The common element of all three of these is that people’s choices create the dangers involved. If someone causes a death while intoxicated, exceeding safe speeds, or in dangerous weather, you may have a claim for wrongful death against that person.

Elements of a Wrongful Death Suit

To succeed in a wrongful death claim, two things must occur:

  1. Someone died; and
  2. Another person caused that person’s death.

You will need to prove that the other person’s actions were responsible for your loved one dying. Once you do that, you then need to prove damages. Damages include the loss of society and companionship of your loved one, pecuniary loss, and medical expenses, as well as other potential financial losses.

If you have lost someone due to another person’s behavior while boating, you should contact an attorney immediately. Eisenberg Law Offices has the experience to help with your wrongful death claim in Wisconsin.