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dog bites personal injury

What to Do if a Dog Bites Your Child

Protect your kids and your legal rights after dog bites

Kids are often drawn to animals. A dog can pull in children like few other attractions. Most of these interactions are friendly and happy, but sometimes a dog will bite. This can frighten your child, and result in serious injury. If a dog bites your child, you should take immediate steps to protect the child and your legal rights.

Talk to the Owner

When possible, you should talk to the owner. This lets him or her know something happened, and that the dog might be dangerous to others. It also gives you a chance to make sure the dog has had its vaccinations. A dog bite is always dangerous, but if the dog has rabies or other conditions, it can become much worse.

Report the Incident

Report the bite to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. They will then take steps to evaluate the dog and make sure it does not pose additional risks, whether due to disease or temperament. The state needs this information to help protect others from attacks, especially if it is a violent animal. It also gives you a record of the event so you can protect your legal rights later.

Get Medical Help

You should clean the site of the injury right away. Your child will probably be scared or upset, but treating the would will help prevent infections and calm him or her down. After this, you should see your doctor to make sure the child does not need additional treatment. The more you do to treat these injuries up front, the less likely it will become something more serious.

Get Legal Help

Under Wisconsin law, you are entitled to the full extent of damages a dog bite causes. If the owner has already been notified the dog is dangerous, this can double the damages you sustain. If a dog bites your child, you should seek experienced legal help to get you the recovery you deserve. Eisenberg Law Offices has the experience to help you through the process.