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questions to ask your doctor after a Wisconsin car accident

Wisconsin Car Accident | Questions To Ask Your Doctor

Questions to Ask Your Doctor After a Wisconsin Car Accident

The aftermath of a car accident can be chaotic. There may be police reports to file, insurance claims to make, and vehicle damage to repair. If you’re feeling okay, with no obvious signs of injury, you may not even consider going to see a doctor, but this is just as important as making an appointment to have your car repaired.

A post-accident medical check-up can uncover injuries that are invisible to the eye or take time to make themselves known, like concussions, spine and neck injuries, and soft tissue injuries. A check-up can determine if you are fit to go back to work right away or if you need time to recover and will also help support any insurance claims you might make, particularly if you are trying to recover damages for lost wages or an inability to work.

Concerns And Questions To Ask Your Doctor After an Auto Accident

When talking to your doctor after a vehicular accident, it’s important to be as thorough and honest as possible.

  • Share with your doctor any and all symptoms you are experiencing and ask for clarification or explanations about things you don’t understand.
  • If injuries are discovered, ask about your recovery outlook and whether or not the injuries could lead to complications over time.
  • Find out if you are restricted from any activities and for how long.
  • Accept the doctor’s recommendations for further testing, imaging exams, medication, rest, or referral to a specialist or physical therapist.

It’s important to follow all of your doctor’s recommended treatments and activities, not only because it will help you recover quicker and more fully, but also in case an insurance company tries to deny your claim by downplaying your injuries or claiming the injuries were not related to the accident, but rather to your own actions or inactions.

Medical reports and documentation are extremely helpful when dealing with auto accident insurance claims. They provide documentation of injuries, providing evidence as to why you are filing the claim. Be sure to collect copies of your medical records, doctor’s notes and referrals, and prescriptions.

Eisenberg Law Offices Can Help You File Insurance Claims

Seeing the doctor is just one step in your post-accident recovery. Filing an insurance claim is another. Filing car accident insurance claims is a notoriously challenging process, especially when there are injuries involved. Insurance companies may try to offer you a settlement or even harass you if you don’t take their first offer. You do not have to deal with these headaches on your own. The auto accident attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices can manage the insurance claims process for you, handling all communications, advising you on the fairness of settlement offers, or recommending a course of legal action.

If you’ve been in a car accident and have questions about the insurance claims process or are experiencing difficulties getting your claim paid, contact Eisenberg Law Offices at 608-256-8356 or to arrange a free consultation.