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owi charges in Wisconsin

You Don't Have to Drive to Be Charged With OWI

Wisconsin Criminal Attorney explains potential OWI charges

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated is a serious charge. Most people know they should be careful and not get behind the wheel of a car when they have been drinking or using drugs. If you are facing OWI charges when you weren’t actively driving your car, read on to learn what you should do.

Acting Shows Intent

If you get into the driver’s seat of a car or other vehicle when intoxicated, and the keys are in the ignition, that can be construed as intent to operate the vehicle even if you haven’t started the car.

Another question is whether you manipulated any of the controls to drive the vehicle.

What the Police Can Do

If an officer suspects you operated the car, motorcycle, or other vehicle, with just keys in the ignitions, he or she can administer a field sobriety test. Refuse to take the test and you risk a possible suspension of your license. If you fail the test, then the officer can charge you with OWI based on your behavior around and in the vehicle and your test result.

If you wind up in jail because you have been charged with OWI, contact Eisenberg Law Offices. Our attorneys can try to help you have the charges dismissed or obtain a less severe sentence and give you advice on what you need to do to restore your driving license and record. OWI is not a charge to ignore, and legal representation is the best way to navigate the situation.