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Get Your Car Ready for Safe Winter Driving

Is your car ready for Wisconsin Winter Driving?

After a long and ridiculously hot summer across the nation, the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes regions are finally getting a break. Much more comfortable temperatures have settled in Madison for now, but soon winter will descend. It’s time to get your car ready.

Basic Preparations

Take your car in for a checkup and have everything inspected, from the heater to the brakes. If it’s been a year since you last replaced your windshield wipers, do that now. And now is a perfect time to start talking to your mechanic about good winter tires and storage for your summer tires.

Have fluids like windshield washer fluid topped up, but do not use water. That will freeze.

Another item to check is your spare tire, and while you’re looking in the trunk, update your emergency kit. Add at least one warm blanket, a spare pair of rain boots, jumper cables, tires chains, a first aid kit, a shovel, and cat litter — you can use that last one to give your tires traction if you get stuck on ice or snow. Also add a phone charger that you can use in your car.

Check your ice scraper and replace it if the blade is worn. If you don’t have an ice scraper yet, look for a combination scraper and snow brush. These are inexpensive and available at most auto and big box stores.

Before You Drive

Each time before you start driving when the weather is bad, check all your lights, your signals, and your tire tread. Always have your route planned out and be sure someone knows where you’re going.

If the worst happens and you need to speak to an attorney about an accident, contact Eisenberg Law Offices. Our Madison law firm can help you deal with the aftermath of winter-weather driving events.