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Criminal Defense Lawyer Madison WI

3 Reasons Contacting a Wisconsin Lawyer Before an Arrest Can Help

Don’t wait to contact a Wisconsin Lawyer if you might be arrested

If you are afraid you will be arrested in or around Madison, Wisconsin, you do not have to wait to contact a Wisconsin Lawyer. In fact, if you can act sooner, waiting until you are arrested is almost always the wrong move. Taking charge and getting ahead of things can go a long way toward helping you defend against charges that may be filed.

  1. Gain Control Over Your Arrest: When you are arrested, you control very little. You don’t get to choose the time or place it happens, or the questions the police officers ask. If you contact a Wisconsin defense attorney beforehand, though, you have help on your side even before the arrest comes. Further, you can get some control over what is happening, instead of waiting and wondering.
  2. Get a Jump on Your Defense: If you worry that an arrest is coming, working with an attorney early on allows you to start preparing your defense early. By the time the police arrest someone, they have begun an investigation and concluded that the evidence supports arresting that person. In other words, the police generally have a big head start in examining the evidence and putting their case together. If you start working with a Wisconsin attorney before you are arrested, you get an early enough start to help level the playing field.
  3. Find a Chance to Reduce Charges: Finally, if you hire an attorney before your arrest, that attorney has a chance to look at charges and get them reduced before much damage is done, and even avoid an actual arrest itself. When an experienced attorney examines the evidence on which charges will be based, he or she has a chance to work with the prosecutor’s office to have those charges reduced or, in some cases, dismissed entirely.

Anyone facing a potential arrest in Wisconsin should look to retain an attorney immediately. This can make a huge difference for you in getting out ahead of charges that may be filed.