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water park injuries

Can You Sue for Theme Park Injuries?

Consult an Attorney if you’ve suffered Theme Park Injuries

Wisconsin is home to many theme parks and water parks that can provide a great day of fun for you and your family. With thousands of people and rides that require frequent maintenance, though, theme park injuries will occur. If you are injured at a theme park or water park, you may not be sure when you can sue the park for damages. The park will usually take the position that it has no liability. Before you take their word for it, you should consult an attorney to learn about your rights.

When a Theme Park May Be Liable

When you go to a theme park, injuries can come from a number of situations. Sometimes walkways or attractions are not properly maintained. You might injure yourself when you slip, trip, or fall. In addition, a ride may malfunction, causing serious injuries to people who are on or near it at the time.

In addition, sometimes crowds of people create dangers all their own. Another patron or someone working at the park may act negligently or recklessly and injure you. This can be frustrating, and can not only ruin the park experience but also give you problems that last much longer. An attorney can help you navigate the law to help you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Liability Waivers and Their Limits

Often, a theme park in Wisconsin will ask you to sign a liability waiver before you enter. While these are sometimes valid, it will depend on how the injury occurred, as well as the language of the waiver. If a park demands you sign away all rights no matter what happens, that will probably not be valid. In addition, certain kinds of damages cannot be waived, no matter what the waiver says.

If you have been injured at a theme park in Wisconsin and the park is at fault, you have rights. Don’t rely on the park to tell you what those rights are. Contact Eisenberg Law Offices to get the compensation you deserve.