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$400k Settlement for Student Thrown by High School Assistant Dean


Personal Injury Attorneys in Madison WI can represent your Family in injury cases

If your child has been harmed by a school official or someone else in authority, they have rights and you can sue on their behalf.  Recently, a Staten Island student settled a lawsuit where he was awarded $400,000 for injuries he sustained.  At the time, Brian Shane was a fifteen-year-old student, attending a high school for those with special needs and disabilities. While playing in the gym, Shane alleged that an assistant dean threw him down to the ground, breaking his leg.

Two Sides to the Story

According to Shane, the assistant dean performed something resembling a move one would see while watching the WWE.  He said that the dean wrapped his legs around him after grabbing his chest and threw them both backward.  The assistant dean maintains that the event never took place and Shane was injured because he was violent and out of control, inflicting the injury upon himself.

In this case and with many personal injury cases, there are two sides to every story.  Even in a car accident that may appear completely cut and dry, both drivers may claim that the other was at fault.  This makes it necessary to gather evidence and to build a case for why one party was actually negligent and therefore responsible for the resulting injuries.  As personal injury attorneys in Madison WI, this is what we do for our clients.

Finding Witnesses

As personal injury lawyers, we are always looking for witnesses that can help to confirm our clients’ version of the events.  In this case, there was a witness that gave a deposition, confirming the account of Brian Shane.

Their testimony could have been the key that led to his $400,000 settlement.

Filing a Lawsuit

When a minor is injured, they are not allowed to file a lawsuit.  Instead, a parent or legal guardian must do so.  As an attorney, we understand how to involve both parent and child so that everyone is protected.  In this particular case, Brian Shane’s parents filed a lawsuit against the Department of Education, Staten Island, and South Richmond High School.

We can help you to determine who should be sued in your case.

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