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Top 7 Tips to Prepare for Your Personal Injury Lawsuit in Madison WI


Top 7 Tips to Prepare for Your Personal Injury Lawsuit in Madison WI

If you were recently injured in a car crash or had a slip and fall accident, you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer in Madison as soon as possible.  There is a statute of limitations for filing your case so it is critical that you do so right away.  It does not cost you anything to schedule a consultation and at this appointment we can provide you with more information regarding what you can expect from the process.  In the meantime, here are seven tips for preparing for your personal injury lawsuit.

#1 Take pictures.

It is important to document everything and photographs are an excellent way to do so.  Take pictures of your injuries both up close and further away so that a jury can appreciate the full extent of what you suffered.  You should also photograph the area where the accident occurred.  For example, if you were in a wreck at a busy intersection, you should photograph the street, lights, and surrounding area. If you had a slip and fall accident at a local store, you should photograph the area around where you fell and anything that could have contributed to the accident like a torn piece of carpet.

#2 Get contact information for witnesses.

Take down the name, phone number, and address of anyone who witnessed your accident.

#3 Gather your insurance information.

You can file an initial claim with your own insurance company (in the case of a car accident) and they will provide you with a claim number that can be used while receiving medical care. However, it is more prudent to hire a lawyer to do this for you. Insurance companies are not on your side.

#4 Go see a doctor.

When preparing for your personal injury case, it is important that you visit a doctor on a regular basis. They need to diagnose you, determine the extent of your injuries, and provide ongoing care in order to establish why you deserve financial compensation.

#5 Gather your pay stubs.

Most people make the mistake of not seeking compensation for lost wages. However, if you have lost money due to taking time off of work to see a doctor, seek treatment, or due to being physically unable to work, you deserve compensation to recover what has been lost.  Your pay stubs will help demonstrate what you were making before and what you deserve.

#6 Think about the future.

Working with your doctor and lawyer, you need to determine if you are making a full recovery or are likely to face future restrictions due to your accident.  If you are going to need additional medical care, we need to factor the cost of that into our settlement request.

#7 Involve your support structure.

Some people find it stressful to recover from their injuries while dealing with their court case.  As personal injury lawyers in Madison, we make the process far easier but it is still wise to have a support structure in place to help ease any burdens caused by your lack of mobility or need to take time off of work.

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